Steve's Honda Mini Trail and Monkey Home
This home page is for all the people out there who never stopped
being a kid. Honda Mini Trails have been a part of my life since
1974 when my brother brought home a Z50K4. I still have that
bike and have never forgot all the fun times I had on it growing up.
Like the 9 times I was pulled over by the law when I was 14. Or
the time I stuffed the front end in a field of tall grass and bent the
front end back to the motor. Well if you were wondering the bike
is still alive after a complete 100% restoration.  Checkout all my
pictures and see how much fun I am still having being a kid.
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Steve at the top of DONNER SUMMIT 2003
Steve 1974 Lake Tahoe with my 1974K4 and a few fish
Brandon riding a Z50M  May 2002
2000 Limited Edition Monkey Bike Brand
new never started.
onkey bike zero miles
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Samantha & Brandon May 2002
Kylie 7 Months first ride 2010
Tyler 3 years old 2010 on a 1999 NSR 50
Tiffani and Tyler 10 Months May 2008
Super Rare Victor Mini bikes.  Imported by
Hap Jones in 1969. Made in Taiwan. Clone of
a Z50M.  These are both 2 strokes with a
clutch.  Production numbers are unknown.  
The story was Hap Jones imported a few
container loads only.  Very few are known to
exist.  Both of these are un restored.
They also made 4 stoke version with a
Honda push rod motor.  The frame on a 2
stoke and 4 stoke are completely different.
Hap Jones Victor Mini
Bikes 2 stroke version
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Hap Jones Victor Mini Bikes
Deal Price list from April 1970.